Film nerds, online communication vs real life, crossed wires? ALEX, APPROXIMATELY by Jenn Bennett has all new and wonderful things for her second contempoary YA novel.

Porter Roth is the coolest male character whilst Bailey is a lovable, flawed protagonist. When Bailey moves from D.C to California, the two meet working in a museum. Their story begins as enemies, a trope of “you made a verbal blow at me so watch me one-up you”, which is incredibly done, to the point of redemption. Although it’s all set-out that they’ll end up together, it’s the best ride to see them get to that point. Meanwhile, Bailey has an online friend Alex, who she is trying to find whilst in California. But as she spends more time with Porter, and working, her and Alex have less time for each other.

Jenn Bennett has written this book cleverly, marking all the right points yet veiling enough that you get lost in the story. It’s done in a way that you know the link between all the characters, but still go “OHH, WOAH,” when everything ties in. A story of hope, new beginnings, first love and trust, this is a wonderful, fresh contemporary novel.


– Review by Bryony Reid.