Carlie Sorosiak brings her debut YA novel onto the shelves in a very new and memorable way. IF BIRDS FLY BACK follows Linny, a film-buff wanting to stray from parental expectations, and Sebastian, a physics nerd who looks at the world a little differently. They work in Silver Springs residential home and have one common link: a Spanish writer who went missing three years ago.

Written in such a way that diversifies these two unique characters, the book shows Linny’s obsession with finding missing people, courtesy of her missing sister, Grace, and offers glimpses of Linny’s own screenplay after each of her chapters. Sebastian’s chapters begin with quotes from scientists, and he constantly considers theories. So when he finds out the Spanish writer is his father that he never knew about, he has many theories. And when he starts falling for Linny, he practically has an encyclopedia of them to deal with new and challenging things. Together they map out the writer’s life and fill in the gaps of his memory, all the while finding out love and each other.

Carlie Sorosiak is the best author example of balancing beautiful sentences and then snarky dialogue, combining them to make a beautiful, unforgettable story of mystery, loss and new hope.


– Review by Bryony Reid.