The Hate U Give Review

Starr lives in Garden Heights, a neighborhood notorious for theft, crime, drug-dealings and, eventually, murder. When Starr witnesses her black best friend get shot by a white policeman, everything she thinks she knows about her world is tossed about. Where she just once lived and was silent, she finds a voice inside herself to speak up. For justice, not only for her friend, but for the whole black community within this story.

As a white reader, I sided with Starr–as everyone should no matter their skin colour. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Shooting an unarmed teenager is wrong. Through this book, I got to see the side the news stories don’t know: how the victim’s loved-ones are affected. The fights, the petitions, the rallies people will organise in the name of the dead.

THUG is a powerful, unflinchingly real and raw book. It’s not a quiet story; it’s a loud one. One that needs to be heard and read and recognised. It’s not for the faint-hearted; it’s for those wanting a better and more equal world to live in.

– Review by Bryony Reid.