“Sadness still fell – the soft pitter-patter of spring rain – but each small joy opened like an umbrella right above me.”

The year after Paige loses her short-term boyfriend, Aaron, she makes a plan: to find happiness again. Whether it’s in the form of her friends, or socializing, or a new love, or facing her fears, she breaks through her anxieties to find the part of herself that she lost. One of her checklist items is to join a club, which leads her to Max. Max, the friend, the rock, the Person Who Understands. Paige tries to plan everything but what she doesn’t plan for is falling for Max. Through the QuizBowl team, Max and Paige trudge through their own hardships, finding joy in the smaller things.

Not only does Max provide Paige with a second chance at love but Paige gives herself another chance at life. This book shows the importance of an amazing support system during the darkest times, and how that support can be the sliver of sunlight to break through the clouds, and sometimes, that’s easily found. Sometimes, it’s harder to seek out. But once found, once let-in, life can become beautiful and colourful again. THE START OF ME AND YOU by Emery Lord is a book of second chances, friendships, love, and how even the worst things can be overcome with internal strength.

– Review by Bryony Reid.

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