Katherine Webber’s debut is an inspiring, contemporary Young Adult book that coaxes readers to look beyond the surface of themselves. Supported by two hilarious grandmothers–one from China, the other from Ghana–who bring amusement and humour, Wing lives in a home that’s too small for the loud personalities occupying it. Overshadowed and relatable, Wing is the diverse, new character the YA world needs.

Her life changes when her quarter-back star of a brother is involved in a car accident. Wing Jones’s family is knocked askew by heartbreak and confusion and they must overcome every difference to keep what they have. Pent-up with anger and the balance her brother’s life is hanging in, Wing finds solace on a running track. From that she uncovers this amazing talent buried deep down, realises that she is far from unremarkable.  Running becomes her anchor and she’s encouraged to search beyond just being the little sister of a talented elder brother. Finally, she has her chance to step out of the shadows and into her own spotlight.

A story that takes readers on the highs and lows of hope and dreams, WING JONES is a beautiful story of freedom and escapism. It’s the book for those who don’t think they amount to much—that there is always something deeper to being you.