Latest News and Reports

We have pulled together some of the latest news and findings which we hope will be of interest to you.

A recent report from Read On. Get On (ROGO) shows that the gender gap in reading for pleasure has narrowed ROGO

A great article from author Andy Seed on “laying the foundations for a reading culture” in your school  Reading Manifesto

What Kids Are Reading looks at the book reading habits of pupils who use Accelerated Reader in England and Ireland. Download the 2018 report here

The National Literacy Trust have published the first research report to ever establish a link between literacy and life expectancy in England through health and socioeconomic factors. The research shows that a boy born in Stockton Town Centre, an area with some of the greatest literacy challenges in the country, has a life expectancy 26 years shorter than a boy born in North Oxford. You can download the report here

Bold Beginnings  a new report by Ofsted, shows that a third of all 5 year olds are being failed by their reception experience.

School librarians and teachers from around the country have shared their favourite ways to help students love reading. Read their top tips here

Challenge your classes to get to grips with their rights on social media and become more empowered digital citizens. TES have created teaching packs for three different age groups, 7-11, 11-14 and 14-16, designed to tackle the unruly world of social media T&Cs. Along with the easy-to-read terms and conditions for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and YouTube, students can discover, dissect and debate the contracts that users are making when they sign up to social media sites. Digital Citizenship

BBC Learning are offering educational videos to help teachers introduce the topic of mental health to primary school children. Find out more from BBC Learning

Morals and Make-Believe. A podcast series documenting the socialising and moralising effects of British children’s literature for over 200 years. Visit the website to hear all the podcasts here

Researchers in Cambridge believe that babies learn best when their brain waves are in sync with their parents’BBC News

How boys are falling behind in Early Years. The Lost Boys