E-book platform

All schools with a Service Level Agreement will have access to e-books as standard. Please contact Pauline Threlfall for more information

Here are a some of our latest e-book titles available to download now!

For 7-12 year olds:



















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Our eBook lending platform offers new ways to engage with pupils, students, staff and parents.

eBooks can be a great way to inspire both children and adults to explore books in a whole new way. With 24/7 access, they provide a different approach to reading at home as well as in school plus, they are a great way to get staff and parents reading too.

The system is easy to use and books can be downloaded instantly to your device. There are a range of children’s, teen and adult e-Books available including contemporary fiction and popular authors, full length and abridged classics, modern classics, non-fiction and Accelerated Reader titles.

“It is easier than reading an actual book and I am not put off by the length of the book.” Student from Knowsley Park School

“Years 5 and 6 are really enjoying the eBooks, we are getting great feedback from parents so the books are definitely getting accessed from home.” K. Hughes, Plantation Primary