Latest e-books


From September 2020, all schools with a Service Level Agreement will have access to e-books as standard. Please contact Pauline Threlfall for more information

Here are a few of our latest e-book titles available to download for 2021

For 7-11 year olds:






For teens:






For adults:






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Our eBook lending platform offers new ways to engage with pupils, students, staff and parents.

With 24/7 access for today’s online world, eBooks are a great way to inspire both children and adults to explore books in a whole new way. They provide a different approach to reading at home as well as in school plus, they are a great way to get staff and parents reading too.

Our eBooks lending service is available to all schools on an annual subscription basis.

Personalised to your individual school, the library lending platform is secure and protected by Digital Rights Management. The platform works on a consortia model, which makes it more affordable and cost effective.

The system is easy to use and books can be downloaded instantly to your device. There are a range of children’s, teen and adult e-Books available including contemporary fiction and popular authors, full length and abridged classics, modern classics, non-fiction and Accelerated Reader titles.

“It is easier than reading an actual book and I am not put off by the length of the book.” Student from Knowsley Park School

“Years 5 and 6 are really enjoying the eBooks, we are getting great feedback from parents so the books are definitely getting accessed from home.” K. Hughes, Plantation Primary