Blue Peter Book Awards 2017 winners announced

The winners of the Blue Peter Books Awards 2017 have been announced. The prize for Best Story  goes to The Legend of Podkin One Ear by Kiernan Larwood, a rabbit adventure full of magic, narrow escapes and heroic deeds. On his Blue Peter win, Kieran Larwood said: “I am hugely excited to have won the Blue Peter Book Award. It is such an honour, especially as I grew up watching Blue Peter, and the fact that it was voted for by children makes it all the more amazing.”

The winner of the Best Book with Facts goes to David Long for his anthology Survivors: Extraordinary Tales from the Wild and Beyond. A collection of true stories about survival against the odds; from shipwrecks to Antarctic exploration to the story of a girl who fell from a plane! On his Blue Peter win David Long said: he was “overjoyed” not least because he too grew up watching Blue Peter. “My sons never missed an episode, and now I’m going to visit the studio and meet the team. It’s fantastic news,” he said.

You can find more information including the winners and the shortlisted titles at Blue Peter Books Awards 2017