What would you do if your brother was kidnapped by wasps???

I loved this book! Steve has a new born baby brother who is critically ill and may never be completely well. As Steve’s parents become more and more preoccupied with looking after the baby, Steve, becomes more and more anxious. In his dreams he is visited by an ethereal being who offers him the chance to save his brother; all he has to do is say yes. But the line between Steve’s dreams and reality becomes horribly blurred and he wants out. But “out” is not an option.  To make matters worse, Steve is getting phone calls from a strange man called Mr Nobody and there’s a menacing wasps’ nest swelling in the roof of Steve’s house.

Award-winning author Kenneth Oppel has created an original and strangely compelling story for 12 – 16 year olds which looks at how we cope with our fears, what it means to be different and what constitutes a family.  With illustrations from celebrated artist Jon Klassen.  Pauline