A mouth-watering adventure

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart is a delicious fantasy adventure written by Stephanie Burgis. Aventurine is the fiercest dragon in the mountains. But what happens when such a fierce dragon is tricked into drinking enchanted chocolate and becomes….a human!

As the youngest dragon in the family, Aventurine is determined to prove herself just as clever as her older brother and sister. So she sets off in search of a quest, only to be tricked by the first human she meets. And so begins Aventurine’s life as a young girl, who has to use all of her wits and determination to survive in a strange town full of even stranger customs. That is, until the town is threatened by a family of dangerous dragons……

This is an engaging and funny story with a feisty heroine who develops an obsession for chocolate! Something a bit different for 9 to 12 year olds. Pauline.