April Book of the Month

Take a trip to the ends of the earth and discover the extreme environments of the North and South Poles. Find out which animals live where, what the weather and climate is like and the effect global warming is having.

Beginning with the North Pole, the book introduces the geography and climate of the Arctic. Discover how climate change is affecting sea ice; why multi-year ice is so important to walruses and polar bears; find out what ice floes are and what lives under the ice.

And then flip the book over and you’re in the South Pole… Discover why the orca is the ultimate polar predator; re-live the famous 1911 race to reach the Pole; find out about sea spiders, ‘death star’ starfish and other undersea giants!

With beautiful illustrations and a fun flip-book format, North Pole, South Pole by Michael Bright  provides the perfect way to explore and compare the extreme environments of the two Poles. A fascinating and informative addition to the subject.