Book of the Month June

A modern re-imagining of Peter Pan. Neverland is in the icy grip of a terrible curse, cast long ago by Captain Hook and Peter Pan needs help. And so, the new residents of Number 14 Darlington Road, Martha Pennydrop and her younger brother Scruff, find themselves whirled away on a magical adventure, the like of which they have only ever dreamt about.

Abi Elphinstone’s contemporary take on a classic story, manages to retain the central elements of the original while infusing it with her own wonderful style of story telling and incredible world building. A feisty girl protagonist, an icy kingdom full of scary beasts and long dead pirates about to come back to life. Plus a map on the inside covers. What’s not to like!

As stated on the front cover, this would make a fabulous bedtime story. A compelling read.