Book of the Month

Isiah lives with his Dad, but his Dad is struggling to pay the rent whilst battling his chronic illness, and now their landlord if threatening eviction.

At school Isiah doesn’t want anyone to know, and he throws himself into a Victorian history project in the hope of winning the prize money to save his home. Whilst studying, he discovers that his block of flats used to be a Victorian workhouse and down in the basement there is a fireplace. Inside the fireplace is Jacob, a boy trapped in the workhouse in the Victorian era.

This book is fantastic. Intertwining history with a heartfelt story of a young boy caring for his dad whilst balancing school, friendship, his parents divorce and the battle to save his home from the landlord. The friendship struck between Isiah and Jacob is remarkable.

I really loved this book. Perfect for fans of the Victorian era and perfect for those who just love a good story!