Book of the Month September

When his baby step-sister is kidnapped and taken to another world, K2 and his magical family must follow and rescue her. With a terrible beast and a petrifying robot assassin in their way, they must work together and learn how to be brave – because the future of their family is at stake…

K2 O’Hero is a seemingly ordinary boy from a truly extraordinary family – but K2 has a secret gift. He draws maps of worlds that are beyond the wildest of imaginations.  But what K2 doesn’t know, is that the maps he draws are real. They are worlds beyond the world we know, and the maps he draws make up an Alternative Atlas showing the exact spot where the worlds cross.

Rich, inventive language and a strong narrative voice inspires the imagination and brings to life the conflicting emotions and aspirations of the diverse characters. A fantastic magical read, great start to a new series from a consistently good author