Graphic Novels

Get excited about Graphic Novels

From Japanese manga to American superheroes, graphic novels have been loved by teenagers and adults the world over for many years. This literary format has millions of fans and its appeal only continues to grow.

We are now seeing a rise in popularity of graphic novels for younger readers, and deservedly so. With this in mind, we have developed a collection of some of the latest graphic novels for children aged 8 to 12. From comic strip interviews with long dead celebrities to action packed superhero adventures, there is something to appeal to most middle grade children. Titles include Dog Man, Evil Emperor Penguin, Corpse Talk, Hilda the Troll, Spiderman and Phoenix comics.

Why graphic novels?

  • The combination of text and pictures can help reluctant readers to navigate stories by using the visual clues to decode the narrative.
  • They use amazing imagery to support story development, making them appealing to children who love artwork and illustration.
  • For avid readers, they have exciting plots, well developed characters and sequential storylines, as with more traditional texts.
  • They require readers to use both sides of the brain to read and visualise the story simultaneously.

Graphic novels can be a great way to get children excited about reading. If you would like to order a collection for your classroom then just fill in a project loan form or order via our website.