March Book of the Month

Chiamaka and Devon attend the prestigious Niveaus Private Academy. They both come from very different backgrounds; perfect Chiamaka is from a very wealthy family, whilst musician Devon lives in a flat with his mum and younger siblings in a poor neighbourhood. They aren’t really friends and they have nothing much in common, until an anonymous texter known only as “Aces” starts to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to the rest of the school. As the texts and photos become steadily more incriminating, Chiamaka and Devon are drawn together to find out who is out to destroy them and why.

Told alternately from Chiamaka’s and Devon’s viewpoints, this is a powerful, compulsive read with a fast paced plot and great characterization. Whilst the main theme is institutional racism, the book also looks at homophobia and what it’s like for a gay teenager who isn’t able to come out and be himself. Shades of Get Out and Hunted would make this a great TV/film adaptation. Loved it. Suitable for 14+ year olds.