November Book of the Month

As it’s #NonfictionNovember  we just had to choose a book with facts as this month’s BOM.

Discover the enthralling and diverse stories of 50 brilliant Britons through the ages, from the warrior queen Boudicca of early Britain, who rose in revolt against the Romans, to activist Malala Yousafzai, who fights for every girl’s right to an education today. These gripping tales include key figures from all areas of British life – science, medicine, entertainment, sports, activism and more. Featuring the inspirational lives and achievements of amazing people such as Florence Nightingale, Alan Turing, Mary Prince, Stormzy, Charles Darwin and Noor Inayat Khan, Great Britons is not only a celebration of our history as an island, but also as part of a far larger and greater world.

Readable and informative, and doesn’t shy away from the problematic aspects of some Great Britons. This is a diverse and inclusive look at a wide variety of people. Great browser with good illustrations.